Bee Friendly Williamstown

Join us for our sixth season at the Spruces! 

Join us most Wednesdays, between 4 - 5:30 pm, at the Pollinator Plantings by the pond at The Spruces, 60 Main St in Williamstown. Bee Friendly volunteers will be tending to the garden by pulling unwanted plants, spreading wood chips, trimming overgrowth, and other gardening tasks.

All are invited to come lend a hand, or simply enjoy the lovely blossoms and their pollinating visitors. Come ask us your gardening questions and learn how you, too, can create a pollinator paradise. Heavy rain and/or lightning cancels. Have questions—or want to make sure it's a working Wednesday? Drop us a note

About Bee Friendly Williamstown

Bee Friendly Williamstown promotes the preservation and expansion of habitat for insect pollinators in recognition of their essential role in the health of our planet’s ecosystems. Through newsletters, seminars, workshops, field trips, community engagement, and public demonstration gardens, Bee Friendly Williamstown supports sustainable landscaping and gardening practices and advocates for the reduction of pesticide use. Bee Friendly Williamstown was founded in 2017 following the passage of a non-binding resolution declaring Williamstown a "pollinator-friendly" community.   

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Pollinator Resources

We are passionate about providing resources to the local community on how to better support and protect our pollinators.  Our resources page has more information.