Spruces Pollinator Plantings

Demonstration Pollinator Plantings at The Spruces

Drop in work parties: Wednesdays, 4 - 6 pm, July 6 through September 14, 2022

  • Volunteer stewardship and "mini lessons" on pollinator plantings, Wednesdays between 4 and 6 pm; thunder and lightning, or heavy rain, cancels.

  • Drop by for any amount of time, with or without an intention to dig or pull weeds; there is always something to admire! All welcome!

  • Please contact us at "beefriendlywilliamstown@gmail.com" for questions about work parties and all things pollinator gardening at The Spruces and beyond!

  • Location: The Spruces, 60 Main Street, Williamtown, near the pond.